Tailored Cyber Security Solutions

We protect your data properly and make sure you’re protected from ransomware, malware, and data breaches.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that they need to take preventive measures against cyber threats, even if they don’t believe they will be exposed to them. Small-to-medium businesses are often under cyberattack with limited resources to combat it. It’s important to have a dedicated team watch your back, protect your data, and prevent future attacks.


At Upstart Cyber, we will build an effective plan that considers the latest forms of cybercrime and your vulnerability level and business needs. Our service and packages are tailored to suit your exact needs and requirements.

What We Can Do

We begin by assessing your network and web applications. This way, we can determine where vulnerabilities lie that could potentially cause problems in the future. Then we design our solutions and tailored cyber security packages, which are tested regularly to ensure they provide the required protection. We will:

1. Evaluate your current cyber security setup and strategy

2. Implement a customized plan to keep you safe

3. Respond to alerts in real-time 

4. Monitor your network for unusual activity

5. Prevent further attacks and minimize damage from those that succeed

Why Choose Upstart Cyber?

Businesses come to us for tailored cyber security packages because of our experience in the industry and proven track record of protecting clients against all types of cyber attackers. We have performed work for many businesses, from small local restaurants to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Our team comprises highly educated cyber security experts who are experienced with the most common types of cyber threats. In addition to sharing knowledge about cyber attacks, we also provide training to employees so the entire company can be aware of what to do if an attack occurs.

We can customize a cyber security package for your business, ensuring you have all the protection measures in place that you need. Instead of buying multiple packages for different services, the one multi-service package will secure all of your sensitive information. We can also ensure you are up to current security standards so your business doesn’t get hacked.

Custom Cyber Security Services With Upstart Cyber

Every business is different and would require a unique cyber security plan. Upstart Cyber offers tailored cyber security packages for businesses. Our custom-built cyber security solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, dramatically increasing your chances of protecting valuable data. 


If you want to know more about custom cyber security solutions for your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us. For a low monthly fee, you can safeguard your data and assets against attacks and save yourself thousands of dollars.

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