Forescout Certified Partner

Upstart Cyber is proud to announce our recent recognition as a Certified Delivery Partner. Forescout Certified Delivery Partners are thoroughly trained, experienced and certified to deliver exceptional installation and consulting services. Supported by the Forescout Professional Services organization, partners wishing to build a services practice around the Forescout platform will have the knowledge and confidence to do so. Certified Delivery Partners will be promoted by the Forescout Sales organization and gain top priority.

About Forescout

Forescout Technologies, Inc. actively defends the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing. Fortune 1000 companies trust Forescout as it provides the most widely deployed, enterprise-class platform at scale across IT, IoT, and OT managed and unmanaged devices. Forescout arms customers with more device intelligence than any other company in the world, allowing organizations across every industry to accurately classify risk, detect anomalies and quickly remediate cyber threats without disruption of critical business assets. As a Forescout service partner, Upstart Cyber’s Forerunners have worked with many of Forescouts largest Enterprise clients, and continue to do so.

The Forerunner: Proven Forescout Mastery

The Forerunner designation is afforded to individuals who have the highest level of formal training, and have proven mastery of the entire depth and breadth of the Forescout platform — in service to Forescount clients world-wide. Forerunners are recognized for their talent, their command of all things technical and their ability to deliver on client needs.

The Upstart Cyber • Forescout Partnership

Upstart Cyber principals, Burke Adams and Nigero Vargas worked for many years as the Manager of Forescout architecture and as the Lead Forescout architect respectively. Collectively, they have 20+ years of experience in the development and deployment of the Forescout platform. As a team they:

  • Work with most of Forescout’s largest customers world-wide
  • Seamlessly represent Forescout as elite platform integration experts
  • Have flawlessly executed 300 deployments in the most complex environments
  • Engaged in 4,000+ individual technical consulting sessions
  • Scaled up to one million+ endpoints & 25K network devices for individual customers
  • Pioneered 802.1x/RADIUS • Third party integrations


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