Protect Your Business With Customized Cyber Security Services

We protect your data properly and make sure you’re protected from ransomware, malware, and data breaches or any cyber security threat.

How We Do It?

Edge Security

We set up best practices and guidelines to avoid dangerous behavior.

Data Access

We make sure your data is properly protected and the proper authorizations are in place.

Vulnerability Monitoring

We ensure your business tools are not exposed to known and new threats.

Access Management

We help you determine and control who needs access to data (and who doesn’t).

Event Monitoring

We maintain, review, and respond to events through log aggregation.

Start Protecting Your Business With Superior Cyber Security Today

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and 70% of them aren’t prepared to deal with these attacks. This is where Upstart comes in. Our strategy is to prevent these disruptions before they happen to you. Cyber security allows your business to be protected from any threat. For a low monthly fee, you can safeguard your data and assets against attacks and save yourself thousands of dollars recovery.

Why Choose Upstart Cyber?


We provide reports and metrics so you know exactly what your cyber security is doing.


We use but don’t rely on products alone, placing our trust in the knowledge of our people.


We frame our solutions in a way that any business can easily understand.

Customized Packages

We create each package based on your business, so our solution works for you.


We offer a fixed monthly fee and a plan that you can easily fit into your budget.


We do consistent maintenance, which is just as important as the right product.

Interested in fully managed IT services?

Basic IT operating principles must be known to provide effective security services, where the reverse is not necessarily true. Typically, an IT services company will offer a security package on top of managing your IT operations.

As a security-first organization, our focus is protecting your digital assets and data, but we have the knowledge to manage your IT infrastructure and can add that service on top of your security package. Have your IT operations managed by a security company and ask us about a fully managed solution.

Customized Packages That Work For You


Your needs and infrastructure:

Depending on your business requirements, we can provide you with services tailored to your business needs.


The legal requirements:

We develop efficient cyber security strategies to protect your businesses intellectual property, technology, and capital investments, managing all the legal aspects of protecting your data.


Your budget:

We can work within your budget and help you get the most out of your cyber security without breaking the bank.


Your industry:

We educate your team properly on cyber attacks. Consistent upkeep and regular monitoring of suspicious activity helps you stay secure.
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