Cyber Security Force Multipliers

Created by the same team that provides cyber security for the U.S.’s largest government agencies, Fortune 1000 companies and international banking institutions, we provide elite cyber security and peace of mind to municipalities of all sizes throughout Oregon.

We Work With The Way You Work

Upstart Cyber is an integrated Managed IT and Cyber Security service provider with a proven track record of client collaboration. We’ll work with you to fully assess and refine your IT architecture, making it vastly more efficient and inherently secure, then layer the world’s most sophisticated tools, technology and processes on top of that enhanced and “hardened” IT architecture. By trusting your technology management to Upstart Cyber, you’ll realize heightened performance and lessened downtime, gain access to the latest technologies, benefit from a broad range of skill sets, and safeguard your intellectual and financial property, hardware and software.


We work with municipalities who want their infrastructure to work as intended, everything to be backed up properly and everything secured. If this describes you, you’ll be happy to know that we have a number of Plans that are designed to give you all of the network support, security, and maintenance you need for an affordable monthly fee. When you fill out the brief questionnaire below, we’ll contact you to provide a more detailed assessment tailored to your unique needs.

Let’s Get Started

Thank you for your interest in Upstart Cyber. If you’re a prospective customer, we encourage you to include your answers to the 5 questions under the contact information fields (though there is no obligation to do so).

The purpose of the questionnaire is to streamline the fact-finding process. We’ll quickly follow-up to arrange a phone or videoconference to better understand your IT ecosystem and to develop a cyber security solution specific to your needs.

This initial fact finding process is in keeping with our commitment to provide you with informed choices. We’ll do our homework, suggest reasonable and affordable options, and work with you to arrive at a managed IT and cyber security package that works with your budget, and the way you work.

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