What is loT Security and how it helps in Cybersecurity.

In today’s world, everything is connected. We make our homes smart, and we turn on our lights from an app on our phones. We track our health through devices we wear that measure how many steps we’ve taken or how much water we drink in a day.

We rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) every single day to make our lives simpler and more convenient. But with all of these new smart and connected devices comes the risk of cybersecurity threats. This access to your personal property makes it easier for hackers to infiltrate your home or office and steal information.

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe the rapidly expanding number of physical devices connected to the world wide web. These devices are also known as “smart” devices because they can collect, exchange, and act on data.

If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you’ve got a couple of IoT devices in your house. Other examples include smart TVs, smart thermostats, security cameras, and even smart refrigerators.

But while all this connectivity is great for convenience and efficiency, it also presents new security risks. With so many opportunities for hackers to break into smart systems and wreak havoc, securing your IoT devices has never been more critical.

What Makes IoT Devices So Vulnerable?

Many device systems are vulnerable because IoT devices were not developed with security in mind. Security software cannot be installed on the device itself in most cases. Furthermore, they may include malware that infects the network they are connected to. Some network security technologies are unable to detect linked IoT devices or see how they interact.

What Is IoT Security?

IoT security refers to steps that can be taken to protect IoT systems from attacks by hackers. It’s basically the act of safeguarding Internet-connected devices and the networks to which they’re linked from threats and breaches by identifying, safeguarding, evaluating risks, and repairing vulnerabilities from a variety of devices that can pose a security risk to your company.

So What Can You Do To Keep Your IoT Devices Safe?

Many companies hire experts who can help them protect themselves from these attacks. Cybersecurity experts use various methods to keep networks and devices safe, including firewalls, anti-virus software, and password protection.

Some Helpful Cybersecurity Tips Are:

  • Change the default passwords on your devices 
  • Use strong passwords for your devices and change them often
  • Keep software and systems up-to-date
  • Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible
  • Install a security solution that can protect all of your connected devices
  • Take advantage of the cloud
  • Beware of public Wi-Fi networks and using VPN is necessary
  • Educate your team members 

Upstart Cyber: Your Best Ally In Terms Of Cybersecurity

In today’s world, you are using smartphones, wearable devices, smart appliances, and even vehicles that have been designed to connect to the Internet. The new technology landscape can make it difficult for you to understand your risks and determine how to protect yourself from threats.

That’s why you need IoT security. At Upstart Cyber, we’re here to help you identify vulnerabilities in your company’s network, protect against threats and monitor for suspicious activity, so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about breaches!

We help you discover and classify every workstation, laptop, printer, IP phone, camera, access point, IoT device, OT device, medical device, and more. We help you understand potential risks by identifying all connected devices, identifying vulnerabilities in those devices and networks where they’re located, protecting against threats like malware or hackers, and monitoring for suspicious activity on your systems with real-time alerts.

Our team will assist you in all your cybersecurity needs, allowing you peace of mind knowing there’s someone who understands these issues at hand!