All You Need To Know About Firewalls

woman with computer checking cyber security system

You need a firewall for the same reason you need locks on your doors and windows.

The firewall is the key to your online security. It controls the traffic in and out of your computer and is one of the main tools to keep it safe from attacks from hackers.

What Is A Firewall?

A firewall is a program that filters the traffic in and out of your computer. It checks every outgoing or incoming connection and makes sure they are safe. It ensures that no malicious programs get through.

Firewalls are like security guards at your computer. They are designed to ensure that only people you have permitted have access to your computer. They also help reduce the risk of viruses and other malicious code accessing your computer.

Why Do You Need It?

Firewall software allows you to create a virtual barrier between your computer and the Internet. Hackers looking in from the outside can’t see what’s happening on your computer or steal personal data, log-in information, or credit card numbers.

 In addition to helping prevent unauthorized access to your computer, firewall software also can help you avoid being identified as an open mail relay, which means you won’t receive spam in your email inbox.

Firewalls are used to protect computers and networks from external attacks, but they are also very useful in preventing users from downloading malware onto your computer.

Internal And External Attacks

Internal attacks can be caused by insiders who want to damage the organization for their gains or dissatisfied employees who wish revenge against their employers. They can send out malicious emails, download malware or even attempt to cause harm to the systems using their computers as weapons. 

External attacks are caused by hackers that are not associated with your company. They are the most dangerous type of attack since they often have no limits when accessing information and causing damage. External attacks can be traced back to organized crime syndicates who use their hacking skills for fraud and theft or independent hackers who enjoy breaking into systems and stealing information.

Internal and external attacks are becoming more common as more people access the Internet, which increases the risk of being hacked significantly.

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