How important is it to include a real-time asset tracking system?

With the many moving parts of today’s IT landscape, it’s important to find ways to streamline your processes. One way to stay on top of your business’ tech is by using a real-time asset tracking system. Companies can quickly build a detailed inventory of every device’s configuration and compliance state by having this type of system. This can streamline asset management, security operations, and IT support. 

Cybersecurity asset management is one of the pillars of a proactive, end-to-end security approach. It allows your security team to keep a real-time directory of IT assets and the related security risks.

If attackers utilize one compromised resource as a beachhead to launch a broader attack, any device, resource, or service within your IT estate could be vulnerable to risks that can lead to a breach of the individual resource and your network as a whole.

Does Your Company Track Every Device In Your Business?

Real-time asset inventory systems can be used to do a variety of things, such as:

  • Monitor the location of assets in real-time.
  • View the history of an asset’s movements.
  • Create alerts when an asset moves outside a designated area.
  • Find lost or stolen assets.
  • Generate reports on asset usage and movement.

Cybersecurity asset management provides visibility to your security staff and the rest of your firm, allowing them to establish a comprehensive security strategy that mitigates threats promptly and effectively. 

Real-Time Asset Tracking System And Cybersecurity

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Need It:

  1. Real-time asset inventory systems make it easy to keep an eye on all the devices in your network at any given time. 
  2. You’ll be able to detect new devices as soon as they’re connected to the network and take action immediately.
  3. You’ll ensure that every endpoint is secure and compliant with security policy.
  4. You’ll be able to perform remote troubleshooting and remediation on vulnerable devices on the spot.

Real-time asset tracking systems can protect your business from cyber threats, including ransomware and malware attacks, by automatically detecting software vulnerabilities on any connected device.

  1. Using a real-time asset inventory system can save you time and money by allowing you to quickly recover lost or stolen devices—and potentially avoid costly repairs or replacements.
  2. You’ll better understand your company’s overall cyber risk posture.

All of these benefits add up to one thing: efficiency. To improve productivity, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations, you need a real-time asset tracking system. 

Are You Having Trouble Keeping Up With Your Business Inventory?

Perhaps you’re not sure what exactly is installed on each of your employees’ computers or how to keep track of it. Maybe the sheer amount of devices you need to track is overwhelming. Whatever the reason, it’s time to get real about real-time asset inventory. 

When you have a single view of all your assets and know exactly what software and hardware are installed on each device, you’ll be able to make better decisions about everything from purchasing new equipment to detecting vulnerabilities.

Protect Your Business With Customized Cybersecurity

Look no further than Upstart Cyber if you’re looking for a real-time asset tracking system that can help your business quickly build a detailed inventory of every device’s configuration and compliance state. 

With Upstart Cyber, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently track all of your business’ assets in real-time to streamline asset management, security operations, and IT support. You’ll rest assured that your devices are securely connected to the network. Contact us today to learn more!