Levels of Corporate Network Security

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How to Protect Your Company’s Network from Intrusion

The need for IT security in an organization is often understated. However, it can become very difficult to secure a company’s assets and protect them from cyber-attacks without IT security. 

IT security services are therefore vital to ensure that network attributes remain viable and that users and devices accessing these networks remain protected at all times. Internal cybersecurity measures may vary depending on the size of the firm, its financial resources, the industry it operates, and the information it has to deal with.

Levels Of Corporate Network Security

Minimum Protection

The “minimum protection” IT security is typically sufficient for low-risk small businesses in non regulated industries that don’t deal with information relevant to hackers.

The main goal is to protect the corporate network from cyber threats such as phishing attacks and malware.

A properly configured firewall protection working together with frequently updated antivirus software is the basic cybersecurity measure.

 Firewalls examine network traffic for suspicious activity. Antivirus software protects employees from cyber threats such as ransomware, worms, spyware, and other malware by scanning every file they view or download from the internet or other sources.

Advanced Protection

This level of cybersecurity is proper for mid-sized businesses in non-regulated industries.

 It ensures that the corporate network is protected from malware, spoofing attacks, and 

spamming, among other things. 

In addition to firewalls and antivirus, Email security, network segmentation, and intrusion detection and prevention systems are implemented.

 A corporation needs information security specialists to detect and manage cybersecurity risks, implement security procedures and policies, and maintain this level of network security.

Maximum Protection

This level of cybersecurity is for midsized and big businesses in regulated industries, such as banking and healthcare, as well as government entities.

The main goal is to keep the corporate network safe from targeted attacks. This sort of cyberattack (spear phishing, advanced malware, and so on) entails carefully planned campaigns directed at a specific company to steal information.

This form of IT security helps businesses detect malicious cyber attacks by developing and maintaining a security strategy, conducting vulnerability assessments followed by penetration testing quarterly.

Constant monitoring of the business network and endpoints (servers, wireless devices, mobile devices, and so on) for signals of cybersecurity risks, such as intrusion or data exfiltration efforts, is what threat monitoring entails.

CyberSecurity Services by Upstart Cyber

It seems that no matter how fast technology advances, there is always someone waiting in the wings to exploit any vulnerabilities to slide under the radar and secretly commit an offense without being caught. That’s where protecting your network and information comes into play.

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