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Ways Computer Viruses Can Ruin Your Day

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Computer viruses are a serious threat. They can steal information, cause damage, and invade your privacy. Some viruses are used for malicious purposes like spying or provoking great damage to your business reputation. Viruses are nasty computer programs with the specific intent to harm. A virus can install itself on your computer without you noticing […]

Benefits of Using Antivirus Software

Viruses are malicious codes that use various techniques to get into a computer. They spread and put at risk the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. In other words, they can destroy, alter or copy information stored in a system.  Because of their destructive effects, it is necessary to be protected against them. For this […]

How To Protect Your Website & Customers From Hackers

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There has been a rise in cyber-attacks and data breach incidents in the past years. These include massive data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other malicious external threats.  Unfortunately, both small and large businesses are vulnerable to such threats. The best way to protect your website and your customer’s data is to use a reliable data […]

Levels of Corporate Network Security

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How to Protect Your Company’s Network from Intrusion The need for IT security in an organization is often understated. However, it can become very difficult to secure a company’s assets and protect them from cyber-attacks without IT security.  IT security services are therefore vital to ensure that network attributes remain viable and that users and […]

Things that Small Businesses should know about data protection

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Data Protection: A Challenge To Small Businesses In this day and age, data protection has become a very important issue for businesses of all sizes. Data storage is vital to the success of any company but just as important as the security that’s put into place to ensure that stored data remains protected from external […]

Computer Virus Definition & Its Types

Virus: A Threat to Every Computer. A computer virus is a malicious software program that replicates itself to spread from one computer to another. Data storage devices such as USB flash drives, external hard disks, SD cards, etc., can transfer viruses from one device to another when plugged into the computer. When the virus reaches […]

The Commercial Cyber Security Company

The cyber-world is a virtual source of power and danger for everyone – whether you own a multinational corporation or manage a small business shop. These days, confidential corporate information is no longer completely safe from online hacking attempts. Statistics show that nearly all cyber-attacks affect small businesses first before they spread to massive corporations. […]

10 Common Cyber Attacks You Should Be Aware Of

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With the increasing reliance on virtual systems and technology, cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent. Cyberattacks can be done with many different motives; criminal, personal, or political.  Cyberattack methods differ widely across the various malicious plans to unlawfully access computers through electronic communication for financial gain, personal data theft, or even to take down essential infrastructures. […]