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Cybersecurity: A Layered Approach

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In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. With cyber threats evolving and becoming more sophisticated, it’s no longer enough to rely on traditional security measures like firewalls and antivirus software. To truly protect your organization, you need a layered approach to cybersecurity that addresses all areas of […]

Danger & Opportunity | Healthcare’s Cyber Crisis

Healthcare’s Cyber Crisis

Alarming Increase of Ransomware Attacks Ransomware hacks, in which attackers encrypt computer networks and demand payment to make them functional again, have been a growing concern for both the private and public sector since the 90s. But they can be particularly devastating in the healthcare industry, where even minutes of downtime can have deadly consequences […]

Zero Trust Security

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We live in a world where the “bad guys” are getting smarter and more sophisticated in their attacks. Traditional perimeter-focused security models were designed to keep bad actors outside the network, but that’s no longer enough. When you assume your network is already compromised, you can take different steps to protect yourself. That’s where Zero […]

Types of Cyber Attacks and why US businesses must protect themselves.

Cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats businesses face today, and you’re not alone if you feel like it’s only a matter of time until you’re targeted. There’s a strong possibility that you’ve already been attacked. There’s a good chance there are already threats hiding in your systems that you don’t know about. As […]

Detecting And Preventing Rogue Devices

Rogue devices can be a major security threat, and it’s important to have a strategy for detecting and preventing them from connecting to your network. To detect them, you need to have a robust cybersecurity strategy in place. This includes using the latest security technologies, employing effective security controls, and regularly monitoring your network for […]

How important is it to include a real-time asset tracking system?

With the many moving parts of today’s IT landscape, it’s important to find ways to streamline your processes. One way to stay on top of your business’ tech is by using a real-time asset tracking system. Companies can quickly build a detailed inventory of every device’s configuration and compliance state by having this type of […]

Tips To Protect Your Business From Russian Cyberattacks

It’s pretty hard to escape the news these days, and you’ve probably been receiving a steady stream of notifications about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With US sanctions in place, security experts encourage Americans to take immediate actions to protect themselves from an increased danger of Russian cyberattacks. Countries and businesses watching this latest chapter unfold […]

Benefits of DNS-Based Web Filtering

Nowadays, the Internet has become a significant part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, online scams and inappropriate content are just some of the dangers that lurk behind dark corners on the Internet. Thankfully, there are solutions that can help you protect your business from these dangers in just a few easy steps. DNS-based web filtering […]