Nigero Vargas, Chief Architect
and Founding Partner

Mr. Vargas is a cyber security pioneer that has designed unique and secure solutions for governments and big business around the world, including banks, hospitals, manufacturers, water and power, and retail. His over 15 years of IT security experience spans wired, wireless, and remote access network design, endpoint and server compliance, role-based access control, as well as IoT, application, and critical infrastructure security. With a very strong understanding of the security challenges facing businesses today, he is especially adept at risk analysis, prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities with the smallest liability to resolve, and tying an entire infrastructure into one cohesive and automated security solution.
Qualifications & Professional Experience 
  • Security Policy Design
  • Security Architecture
  • Design Documentation
  • Zero Trust Concepts
  • Automated Threat Detection
  • Automated Threat Neutralization