Our Core Tenets


Burke Adams, Managing

Burke Adams

Managing Partner

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Nigero Vargas

Chief Architect
and Founding Partner

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Cole Wilson, Managed Services Lead

Cole Wilson

Managed Services Lead

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Joshua Loatman, Senior Security

Joshua Loatman

Manager, Implementation Engineering

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Our Vision

Upstart Cyber envisions a future where operations and cybersecurity teams are united as one cohesive force. We are committed to redefining the landscape of IT by embedding security into the core of operations. Our holistic approach ensures that IT solutions are innately secure and affordable, making cybersecurity an inherent aspect rather than an expensive privilege. Through the fusion of operations and cybersecurity into a single, integrated team, we aim to eliminate traditional conflicts and pave the way for a paradigm where cybersecurity services are as fundamental and widespread as IT managed services, safeguarding an efficient and secure digital world for all.

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