About Us

At Upstart Cyber, we’re committed to providing the best Cyber Security solutions to all businesses so they’re safeguarded against cyber threats.

Making Cyber Security Accessible

Upstart Cyber founders Nigero Vargas and Burke Adams have worked together for big businesses and governments for over 10 years. The top-tier cyber security products these organizations use have license minimums that make them inaccessible to small business who need them just as much.

Upstart Cyber was founded to make cyber security more accessible and help businesses of all sizes stay protected, providing managed cyber security services that are personalized to each business’ needs and budget.

Our Mission

Small businesses often lack proper cyber security because of a knowledge gap or a limited budget, making them easy targets. That’s why we provide affordable, customized packages to safeguard data and assets against cyber attacks.

Our Pillars


We’re committed to providing Cyber Security access not only to big but also to small companies, so every business is safe from cyber attacks.


Forget about complicated Cyber Security; our process is straightforward. ​​We provide measurable results so you can run your business efficiently.


We truly care about our customers. We will always present you with fair and transparent prices and solutions that will actually protect your business.

Let’s start with a peer-to-peer conversation.
I invite you to call our management team directly to discuss your IT and cyber security goals.

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