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Be An Unattractive Target For CyberAttacks

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Protect your business’ data from getting  hacked. We assist you by creating backups, training your staff, setting up a firewall, and more to make sure you never have to pay hackers for your data.


Malware can come in many forms, from spyware that steals your information to a regular (and deadly) computer virus. We set you up with antivirus software, education, and other preventative measures.

Data Breach

Data breaches can be serious, especially in the medical and financial fields. Through encrypted data transmission, secured devices, up-to-date software, we can ensure that your data (and your clients’) is never compromised.


10+ Years Finding Security Solutions.

Upstart Cyber was founded by Nigero Vargas and Burke Adams, cybersecurity enthusiasts who shared the same vision on how to provide better security to companies. They’ve been working together solving some of the biggest security problems for governments and militaries, banks, hospitals, and some of the largest companies worldwide. Now, we’re giving small businesses access to that same high-quality security.


Making Cybersecurity Easy

Cybersecurity availability

We provide cybersecurity to everyone, not only large companies with a team or a security budget.

Keep it simple

Forget the jargon and buzzwords. We bring measurable results so you can do your job.

People over product

We focus on a unified solution that works for you and are always transparent about prices and results.

Don’t Become a Victim of Cyber Attacks

43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and 70% of them aren’t prepared to deal with these attacks. This is where Upstart comes in. Our strategy is to prevent these disruptions before they happen to you.

It takes many years to build a strong reputation. All it takes is one act on the part of a cybercriminal to negatively impact that reputation.

For a low monthly fee, you can safeguard your data and software against attacks and save yourself thousands of dollars that these breaches would’ve cost you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my type of business in a high risk category?

Any business that transacts electronically, contains information about customers, or relies on the use of networks to function day to day is at risk. Your risk is determined more by your protection or lack thereof than it is your industry.

Why would hackers target us if we’re a small business?

The most sophisticated cyber attackers will target big business and big money, but after the first time and once these methods become known, far less sophisticated hackers will replicate these attacks on any business who allows themselves to be a soft target.

How can I afford cybersecurity services?

Maintaining an in-house security team can be expensive and out of reach for many small businesses, where having even one full time person on staff may not fill a work week for a security professional. Upstart can provide whatever fraction of a security professional you need at a comparable fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of having a team with a wide array of security specialties.

Why can’t I use free cybersecurity?

Many out of the box products will underline how secure they are with zero effort, but new threats are being introduced regularly. Cybersecurity requires knowledge and upkeep. Potential cyber attackers are putting in the time and effort to find ways around these common concepts, and you will need to do the same to combat them.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is encryption of and loss of access to data which you rely on to perform your business functions, where the attacker will release to you on payment, essentially selling you back what already belonged to you. Encrypting data is a simple process, what we need to do is prevent an attacker from gaining access to it in the first place.

What is the best way to protect myself from hackers?

Make yourself a harder target by educating your employees and other users on social engineering attacks, securing yourself from known vulnerabilities today and in the future through consistent upkeep, and constantly monitoring for suspicious events.

How much does a cybersecurity solution cost?

Cybersecurity is a widely varied and highly complex subject. Even with a limitless budget covering every vulnerability would be a challenge. Upstart can work within your budget, helping you prioritize and optimize your security, while perhaps more importantly helping you understanding the threat vectors that remain so that you can make intelligent operational decisions going forward.

Creating a Strong Cover Defense

Protecting your data properly requires a few different steps to make sure all your bases are covered. This starts with training and best practices within your team; then we put antivirus and measures in place to make sure you’re a difficult target.

Edge Security

We set up best practices and guidelines to avoid dangerous behavior.

Data Access

We make sure your data is properly protected and what authorizations are in place.

Vulnerability Monitoring

We ensure your business tools are not exposed to known and new threats.

Access Management

We help you determine and control who needs access to data (and who doesn’t).

Event Monitoring

We maintain, review, and respond to events through log aggregation

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